American Phoenix Breeders Association

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2020 Exhibition Points System

The APBA Show Season begins December 1, through November 30, this give the  APBA 12 months Show Season.

    The Lapel Pins are awarded to Juniors for winning Class          Champion and Reserve Class Champion in AOSB or SCCL 

    in the Sanctioned Shows. We are extending these Lapel Pins awards to Juniors for winning Champion and Reserve Large Fowl and Champion and Reserve Champion Bantam 

                     in the Non-Sanctioned Shows.

       Champion of Class AOSB, Champion Large Fowl                           Champion of Class SCCL, Champion Bantam, 

                  Will be awarded the Gold Lapel Pin. 

Reserve Champion of Class AOSB, Reserve Champion Large Fowl, Reserve Champion SCCL and Reserve Champion  Bantam. Will be awarded the Silver Lapel Pins. 

    Compliments of Chicken Haven of South Haven, Michigan

2019 Exhibition Points System Annual Totals 

     2018 Exhibition Points System Winners  

The Grand Prize Winner of $25.00 in the Junior Division is SUMMER WHITE with a total of 100 points 

The Grand Prize Winner of $25.00 in the Open Division is TONI RIVERS with a total of 405 points                                       

                                                                       SANCTIONED SHOWS


William Saunders...…..210 points            Aiden Tolentino...…..50 points

Vincent Basler...……...183 points            Malory Davis...……...31 points

Michael Dean...………..93 points            Sophia Cosby...……..20 points


                                    NON-SANCHIONED SHOWS

                                 2018 JUNIOR DIVISION TOTALS

                     Aiden Tolentino...24 points plus Sanctioned 50 points.....Total 74 points